7 Things People Say About Eating Disorders That You ”Can’t Even”

1. (Said while eating a meal) “It’s such a relief to see you eating again…. (pause)… You look so healthy.”

*Clammers Fork onto Plate*

…Never eats again.

2. “Was it the media? IT WAS THE MEDIA.  Don’t believe the media – they’re airbrushed you know?! Those models aren’t even real.” 

… Yes thank you, we too know about Photoshop.

3. (Forced smile) “I’d really appreciate if you’d finish {insert food}.”

…And I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t speak to me like I’m in a straight-jacket, but good talk.

4. “Oh God, I’m so glad we’re past the eating disorder phase. You were so difficult then.” 

Oh, was it hard for you?

5. “It’s so selfish of you to do this. I don’t understand why you’re doing it.”

You’re right. I’m cured.

6. “I like you with some meat on your bones, when you got a little junk in your trunk.”.


Bet you like me draped over your couch with a bearskin rug too, Kanye.

And last but not least:

7. “OMG, I couldn’t even tell you had an eating disorder.”

…But actually.

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  1. truenorth1218 – 40 year old... good lort.... why does it even matter??? I am a woman, finding my way through this life seeking truth, trying to be present and make every second count. Today I know I matter. If it comes to me, I'm gonna write about it. So, not really sure what all the topics will be but most certain they will be where I am at right here right now. I'm growing everyday so my perspective may be different tomorrow but don't worry I'll probably tell ya how I got there. I love my son with every breath I have but raising a decent human is hard work. Life is journey not a destination, so join me.

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