Connect with the ED Family

…Cause we all strugglin’ with demons. Don’t struggle alone.

One of the (only) beautiful things about the internet is its ability to unite a community.

If you’d like some places to check out for support, here are some of the web-izations I’ve utilized over the past two years. Some are well known- others not so much, but all have helped me in one way or another:


  • Unbearable Lightness by Portia de Rossi – read this before I ever went to treatment and cried because I related to it so much. One of the first books to tempt me to get better, and want to be better.
  • Life Without ED by Jenni Schaefer – Told to read this all throughout my time in treatment and never really got around to it till the end. Worth reading for sure. She’s a strong lady and very active via social media and at conferences.
  • The Truth About Exercise Addiction: Understanding the Dark Side of Thinspiration by Katherine Schreiber – This book speaks to me because exercise addiction is a growing epidemic and CERTAINLY one I still have to manage daily. This woman gets it. Delving into the history of exercise addiction and the growing influence of “thinspiration,” Katherine illustrates the symptoms and dangers of obsessive exercise with true stories from sufferers, all while exploring why and how such a seemingly healthy behavior morphs into self-destruction
  • The Joy of Half A Cookie by Dr Jean Kristeller – She actually was one of my clients but her book is the bomb if you need tips and help for mindful eating.
  • Moments of Clarity by Christopher Kennedy Lawford – worked on his book Recover to Live a few years ago at a publisher and happy to see he’s still writing. Nice perspectives.
  • The 12 Steps Unplugged by John R. – This book was recommended to me and it’s great at humanizing the 12 step program even if you AREN’T interested in addiction recovery.
  • It’s Kind of A Funny Story by Ned Vizzini – Read this before rehab. Predominately about mental health. Very raw. Good read. Highly recommend.
  • The Marshmellow Test by Walter Mischel – SUCH A GOOD BOOK about self control and the science behind it. Helped me understand my Bingey impulsiveness a bit more clearly.
  • The Perfection Myth by Madelyn Moon – Love this girl. She was a competitive body builder who gave it up after realizing she was struggling with the ED cycle in order to try to obtain that”perfect” body. I actually have the pleasure of knowing this gal so I watched her when she was in the most “perfect” shape and had the pleasure of watching her come forward and give it up later for the sake of her health (and sanity as we all know EDs take dat away from us). She’s killin’ it. Immense respect.

Twitter (I don’t tweet so I’m a bad source for this):


  • Melissa A. Fabello – Feminist, Body Image Expert, Raw, Opinionated, Doesn’t shy away from comments. Respect her loads.
  • Madelyn Moon (MBM Podcast Tribe) – If you’ve struggled with over exercising or Orthorexia, this girl wrote the book (literally also wrote the book I mention above.) She has a podcast as well.
  • Mirror- Mirror Eating Disorder – Blogger. Just really enjoy what she posts in terms of body image.
  • Fattitude – Good for Body Image, posts loads of interesting articles from around the web.


  • ChooseLifeWarrior – Danielle is an Australian Body Image Posi woman. She is absolutely raw to the point that sometimes I’m like OMG I can’t believe she had the cajones to post that but I respect her immensely.
  • EffYourBeautyStandards – showing real people, all the time.
  • RAWbeautytalks – Artistic, pretty little instagram of inspiration
  • ChooseTheHappyLife – Good quotes, not cheesy. Worth checking out.
  • RecoveryWarriors – Founded by a beautiful lady in Cali, this is like NEDA but for the modern millennial. LOVE LOVE LOVE this instagram (and website.)
  • HipSobriety – For the sober peeps. I am always trying to figure out what sobriety means to me, and this place has helped build motivation.
  • BeastModeReflections – Just found this girl through happenstance. She’s responsive and real about her recovery.
  • BodyPosiPanda – Great for Body Image Struggles
  • StrongNotSkinny – Same as above ^
  • Harnaamkaur – If you struggle with PCOS, check this lady out. She’s amazing.
  • MarySterk – Great body image artwork. Had the pleasure of meeting her as well. She’s wonderful.
  • KellyUFit – general all around badass dealing with beating binge eating and navigating through the Miss America pageant try outs
  • SundaesfortheSoul – Love this girl. Real person. Real anorexia recovery.
  • Happinessinmymouth – blogger who I found and enjoy her insight
  • Nonairbrushedme – reposts pictures of women/men in their natural element.
  • BeatingEatingDisorders – mostly uplifting quotes. Know the founder and her story is pretty amazing. She’s a gem and lives in CO with me 🙂
  • FightonCarryOn – girl navigating recovery and working out at the same time
  • NotOtherwiseSpecified00 – Recently started her account in late 2016. Poses in real ways for everyone to relate and her story is raw
  • Hayls_SprinklesOfSunshine – One of the first well known ED recovery instagrams. She’s in college from what I’ve been able to gather and has a solid following of over 20,000 people.



*Note as of 2016 – I have just started this page and would love to add to it! If you have any recs please feel free to send my way at