About Lindsey Hall

Current pic - no alcohol

Texas Bred, New York Grown, Colorado Stationed

Former Vegan, Loud Laughing, Recovering Neurotic, PCOS Warrior, Day-time Publicist

5:00pm Runner; 7:00pm Recovery Writer; 9:00pm Eating Disorder Survivor

Why ‘I Haven’t Shaved In 6 Weeks‘? Well, it’s simple. I went to rehab in 2014 for an eating disorder, and there I was – 24 years old, freaking out, scared, resistant – so I got on ze’ old Google search: “Rehab experience” I typed.

GIVE ME SOMETHING, I begged. What’s it like? Who will be there? What’s the food going to be?

What I was provided with was a list of emotionless rehab blog posts, clinical articles, eating disorder ‘signs and symptoms,’ and inspirational quotes.

… Ugh. Not exactly what I was looking for. I wanted to know what the beds would be like. Who the patients were. What we’d be doing on an hourly basis. I ESPECIALLY wanted to know the food. If I ever get out of this loony bin, I thought. I will make sure people have a source.

Now in recovery, I chose to share the nine posts you see on my homepage (starting with Truth 1: Rehab Orientation) about my 6-week journey with the world. All of it. Think of it as kinda like an ‘Orange is the New Black’ rehab edition.

I vowed to share all. The nitty gritty – including the fact that I couldn’t shave for 6 weeks due to the fear that patients will self-harm if given a razor. (WOULD’VE BEEN NICE TO HAVE KNOWN THAT PRIOR, I grumbled – handing over my razor to the nurse.)

What spawned from those posts is this blog. And, oh yeah, a passion for transparency in the recovery community (no #motivationalmonday quotes, no bullshit). Just a raw, transparent experience of a girl managing an eating disorder.

You can find me blabbin’ about the recovery process on Today Show, Washington Post, Cosmopolitan, Women’s Health Magazine, Elite Daily, SheKnows.com, MindBodyGreen, Refinery29, Thought Catalog, The Fix, Greatist, HelloGiggles, and more!

Love hearing recovery perspectives from anyone and everyone. I may be a tad slow to respond at times (I’m a bit of a scatterbrain), but I will ALWAYS get back to you if you message me.

You can reach or follow me at:

Email: lindseyhallblog@gmail.com

Twitter: @lindseyhallblog

Instagram: lindseyhallwrites

Facebook: lindseyhallwrites (Feel free to add me as a friend!)

…Say whuuuut? You don’t wanna chit chat, but still gotta question? That’s fine too!

Check out some of my most read posts here:


eating 3

Be bold, y’all. It’ll suit your life.


4 thoughts on “About Lindsey Hall

  1. Tom shanahan

    Very impressed with your site. I bought be of your books on Amazon earlier this morning. Maybe you will autograph it for me when we do Inten Sati. Big hug.


  2. Jami

    Lindsey you’re inspiring! I’m starting a blog about being a 46 year old ED recovery person….started at age 9! Thanks for sharing your authentic self! Not enough people like you out there!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Handlebar Henry

    I ended up here as a result of searching for the Lindsey 8 wheel lumber wagon ..which my ancestors invented. Anyway I found the topic of not shaving for 6 weeks amusing. I haven’t shaved in 36 years. I am known as Handlebar Henry.


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