Thanksgiving Recovery Reminder: Diet Talk

“Wonder how many carbs are in that?” “I overate – gonna need to work out for a week.” “What are the average amount of calories an American eats on Thanksgiving?”

^ Some of the mindless chatter that many of you hear today.

Please remember it’s not an attack. Just because we have eating disorders does not mean our families are out to get us today. They just simply don’t realize that what they’re saying has a negative impact because it’s the same shit that has been said for SO MANY YEARS.

It’s as predictable as talking about that recent snow storm in a business meeting, or the “how was your weekend” class starter.

It’s ultimately a boring, mindless convo starter — and you get the choice to pave it differently.

People talk about food today because they’re really insecure too.

Insecure about what to say socially – or insecure about their weight, or insecure about gaining weight or insecure that others are judging them, so they qualify eating with words about future work outs or runs.

It has nothing to do with you.

You don’t have to like it — but you do have to choose how you see it, and what you choose to feel about it.

I don’t like Thanksgiving — and I know that I choose to feel that way. And I will also choose to accept that no food comment today has anything to do with my eating disorder.

You can feel triggered — but you have to choose whether or not to still eat.

Change the subject – ask about anything more interesting. Feel compassion. See what happens.

Went on a run today, prepared my no-granola breakfasts I’ve been doing the past couple months.

Started the day off with clarity and a full belly.

Cause I refuse to be the woman binge eating stuffing in the bathroom because I chose to starve until 4.

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  1. monicacarten – I'm an American expat living in Spain. A healthcare professional, foodie and wannabe chef. I love to explore different cultures and travel to new places.
    Monica Carten

    Thanks Lindsey, just what I needed to hear!

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