Recovery Tip: Eat A Meal Alone (It Won’t Kill You)

eat alone

So tonight, I ate a meal alone. Hate doing it, hate eating in public- but after meeting a friend for dinner, this person had an emergency and I had to sit at a table and decide whether on not I’d eat the meal I’d ordered.

Do I leave? I wondered- watching the tables nearby.

I should leave, I thought. If not, I’ll be that sad girl in the corner eating alone.

People will watch, I reckoned. They’ll watch and they’ll think to themselves “poor thing is just stuffing herself alone.”

I sipped my wine.

What would it be like to eat a meal alone? I’d never done it.

Sure, I’d gone to a movie in college alone (once)– but to be fair, I’d snuck out halfway through (I mean, Gulliver’s Travels, REALLY JACK BLACK… Not your finest choice)

But a meal?

I’d binge ate alone, definitely. I’d snuck food in the crevices of my armpits– sure.

But to actually eat a meal? No.

It was pressure I didn’t want.

But in a way, it was the pressure I knew I needed.

Why write about recovery if I’m not willing to push the limits of it?

And it wasn’t comfortable, sitting there letting the waiter tend to me. In fact, it felt unnatural (she left the table set on the other end)- but towards the end of it– once the pressure ceased- and I realized people around me were simply just living their lives unbeknownst to me (WAIT- I’m NOT the most important thing since sliced bread?)

I walked away knowing it’s possible- and life still keeps going. Sweet potato fries, wine, salad, and all.

Try it sometime- that’s my tip- you might be surprised.

4 thoughts on “Recovery Tip: Eat A Meal Alone (It Won’t Kill You)

  1. danielle saucy smith – Houston, TX USA – addicted to life, love, sweat, and sauce. enjoying each bite out of life, one squeeze at a time.

    i totally feel you, i remember the first time i ate alone NOT when i was binging… it was oddly normal and not as interesting or scary as i thought. yes, i wasn’t the most interesting person there and nobody cared that i sat there alone. from that moment i realized who cares? if not anyone else then why should i. but still, that first meal alone and having to order felt weird…. now i eat alone at places like whole foods without any worries, but probably because many others are as well 🙂
    love your blog!

    1. Lindsey Hall – Brooklyn, NY – Eating Disorder Recovery blogger at award-winning I Haven't Shaved in Six & Lindsey Hall Writes. IG: @lindseyhallwrites
      Some Days I Wear A Beanie

      Will be following you!! Sorry I just now saw your comment! 🙂

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