“I Had The Flu, So I Lost Weight”: Anorexia – Illness – An Excuse To Relapse?


I’ve written about this concept before so some of this blog post may look familiar.

I’ve been sick as a dog with the bloody flu. It’s that time of year.

Sucking down cough syrup n’ currently, a hot toddy. (I’ll claim that’s why I have that ill-placed smile on my face lolz.)

Anyway, just a reminder to y’all out there battling flu or colds – this is not a get out of jail free card to just “stop eating” because you have an excuse.

Can’t taste anything right now – been laying on a couch for 48 hours binge watching HBO shows (UM, HAVE YOU SEEN ‘BILLONS’ YET?! IT’S GREAT.) – and it’s easy as hell to just “skip meals.”

Why should I eat? I haven’t moved. Why should I eat? My stomach hurts anyway. Why have that soup? I’ll just throw it up ’cause I’m sick.

Oh, eating disorders. So easy to stumble onto those blurry lines.

At some point, you have to take ownership over your decisions about what to do with them.

We both know our bodies don’t just give up when they’re sick with a common cold. It’s not like “oh yeah, you’re fine dude. I’m sick and fighting it off with air.”

… I’d insert a pic of one of those “Breatherarian” couples or ‘Real life Barbie Doll” lady who claim to “not need food” … but I just can’t justify promoting that image for a laugh.

Anyway, I know what all you sly sickies are thinking and, no, you don’t get to lose weight when you’re sick and use that as the excuse for the next month “Ooooh! I just got over the flu, oops. Lost some weight.”

We’re always playing with fire my friends. And we know it.

We have to constantly look at our motives and ask ourselves “Is what I’m doing clean?”

I’m by no means perfect in this area. My appetite is all over the place and in the past 3 days, I’ve had scrambled eggs – hot chocolate – soup – grilled cheese (2x) – crackers – randomly a piece of carrot cake because I was craving sugar.

A cake pop.

I’m not balanced right now. But, I’m eating. I’m not going to just let this be a reason I get to lose weight for some instant gratification.

As I wrote in my first post about the flu in 2016, I’m a human in (flexible) recovery from a lifetime eating disorder. I refuse to feel guilt for the side effects that linger when you’ve spent your whole life in that warped world.

Eat your food ya lil ED monsters.

Reminding myself the same tonight <3

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