The Marilu Henner Show + CBS Seattle Interview with Lee Callahan

Hi everyone,

NEDA 2015

Although NEDA 2015 is technically “over” for the year, I think it’s important to keep the awareness alive and fruitful in any way that I can so I wanted to go ahead and include a post for two of the recent radio interviews I did for the eating disorder awareness week!

Both interviews were fantastic. Never thought there would be a day in my life that I’d be talking with Marilu Henner, but she was amazing- as was Lee Callahan. Both gave great, insightful interviews and were interested in furthering awareness on the cycle of eating disorders and just how many people they affect on a daily basis.

Anywho, if you’d like to hear them- you can find the interviews below:

The Marilu Henner Show

CBS Seattle Radio Interview

Thanks all 🙂